Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery Launches New Wine Brand


Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery Launches New Wine Brand

Spring Valley, MN— Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery, Minnesota’s largest winery and the leading producer of premium wines, announced today the release of their new line of blended wine, Sunflake Wines. Sunflake is the first wine to introduce up and coming Minnesota grapes, including Marquette, Frontenac and LaCrescent, to a national audience.

The name Sunflake is a nod to the extreme viticultural conditions of Minnesota vineyards, as well as the ideal growing conditions of the more traditional wine regions of sunny California and Washington. The inaugural vintages of Sunflake include a 2013 Moscato and 2013 Riesling, blended with a variety of Minnesota grapes. Because Moscato grapes produce a low acid wine, they are an ideal match for the high acid wines that Minnesota wineries are able to produce.

The wines are crafted by up-and-coming winemaker Justin Osborne, who won the Minnesota Governor’s cup in his first year, and who has received multiple accolades from wine competitions across the country.

Four Daughters’ Sparkling Moscato was awarded a prestigious Double Gold at the Indy International Wine Competition in its very first vintage and has become a mainstay each year. Justin Osborne, winemaker at Four Daughters said, “Wine drinkers across the nation have shown that Moscato is here to stay. Winemaking is about chemistry, so when wines are being made you can either adjust your starting grape juice chemically or you can adjust it by blending. These wines are made much better by blending in Minnesota grapes.”

“I’ve spent the last few years working to transform what Minnesota wineries are capable of by turning University of Minnesota bred grapes into premium wines. With Sunflake, I want to reflect within the wine what makes our region and grapes so unique.”

Four Daughters first became intrigued with creating a new wine brand after blending these wines for guests in their tasting room. As the blends caught on, Osborne saw the opportunity to expand and introduce something new. As wine drinkers begin to look for the next interesting blend, while also relying on familiar favorites, Sunflake is the chance to try something new and different. “I saw an opportunity to make a wine unlike anything that’s out there currently,” said Osborne.

“As a family-owned and operated Minnesota winery, we’re proud of the grapes we have to work with. We love creating new wines that share the same quality and unique tastes that our Four Daughters wine has become known for and that has driven our success since we opened our doors,” stated Vicky Vogt, owner of Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery. “Wine consumers will soon begin to take notice of grapes from this region.”

The new line-up is available in liquor stores beginning this week and will soon be appearing in restaurants.

About Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery
Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery is a fully operational winery, vineyard and restaurant. Their highly anticipated new event facility will be opening in the fall of 2014. The property will soon boast 18,000 sq. feet which includes a tasting room, production area, expanded kitchen and event facility, as well as a 6 acre vineyard on the property. Nestled in rural Southeastern Minnesota, south of Rochester, , the winery is now the exclusive home of Four Daughters wine, Sunflake wines and the soon to be released, Loon Juice hard cider.

Located adjacent to Minnesota’s bluff country and just down the road from the Mayo Clinic, the winery is close to the city but far from hustle and bustle. The culture is a blend of Minnesota-nice and casual elegance. Check them out at www.fourdaughtersvineyard.com.

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