Road Construction Update

Road Construction Update

Here’s some important info for anyone coming from the north or east. Mainly, from Rochester, there is NO detour for you!! Go AROUND the barricades, which is what the DOT intends for cars visiting us.

Coming from Rochester, there is never a detour! There are two sets of barricades that you very easily go around to get to us. The first is at the start of the detour on highway 63, and the other is at the T crossroads of Highway 63 and Highway 16. Don’t be afraid to go around them, that is what the highway department has intended people to do to get to us!!

The detour from Spring Valley will only be in June. After that, Highway 16 will be open to through traffic. If traveling from Spring Valley during the detour, it will connect with Highway 63 and you will also need to go around the same two barricades.

The detour from interstate 90 will be in effect for about 45 days starting in June. Traffic will be routed to Highway 63, with the same barricades to cross.

Call with questions! And thanks for your patience with these improvements.